Space Hulk Set Up for grabs!

Hey there painteholics,

I just finished the last few details on a work which was on my workbench for a long time now. Maybe you remember the big Games Workshop Space Hulk Release some years ago. Finally this big project is done and I finished the last Terminator details a few hours ago. The Genestealers are painted pretty fast as I wanted to focus on the heroic Space Marine squad. Each Terminator is a little character on its own and I really loved that fact about them.

I painted the whole set for sale and so I learned some things about time management and where I need to stop adding details even if I want to ;P In a whole this was a cool project and we will see what the audience is willing to invest for it.

Without more words - here are the pictures:

And if you want to have the Set please take a look here:

see you in the future,

Simon aka Katan 

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