A simple wooden socket for the Lord!

Hey Folks!

Two weeks ago I presented my Space Wolve Lord Egil Ironfist (HERE he is). I talked about a socket for the guy. In the last days I built it. I would like to show you the first steps with pictures. I think it´s not so complicate to understand what I have done :) Just one small notice: I found the peace of wood in my father´s basement. Thank´you Daddy ;)

(Sandpaper with 150 grain size)

Here we have the base of Egil Ironwolve:

My intention is to let the miniature-base in the socket, and to create a fluid transition.
To test how it works, I took the same elements from the base, and placed it with Patafix on the socket.

It appears easy, but it was tougher than it looks to found the right position. ;) Now it was time to fix the parts and to cast a border with a hole in the middle for the base. For those things I used yellow Milliput.

One day later, I collected all things togehter, what I built in base. With PVA glue, I secured all the stuff on the socket. I always takes Express glue (Ponal). It´s easier to work with, because after 10-15 minutes the glue has dried, and you can go on.

To complete the socket, the surface got sanded ... and it has been finished!

Thank you for your attention ;)

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  1. Cool Very nice write up. I hadn't thought of doing something that way.