Paintit 2011

Good morning folks!

as my family is taking over me I just found rare sparetime for miniatures - but don`t worry, I`ll be able to show you some progress of my current project soon!

To shorten the time till then I want to invite you all to take part on the "Paintit 2011". It`s a painting-contest hold by Das Bemalforum - regular a place where most german painters hanging around to get and give advice. There`s also an inetrnational corner for all of you not speaking german.

You are able to enter by simply sending a mail to with your work. Be sure that you ve not showen it on any platform or contest before.

Guten Morgen!

Im Augenblick bin ich mehr mit meiner Familie als mit dem geliebten Hobby beschäftigt. Aber keine Sorge, in Kürze werde ich euch meinen aktuellen Stand  heir präsentieren.

Um die Zeit bis dahin etwas zu verkürzen möchte ich euch auf den Paintit 2011 aufmerksam machen. Ein Bemal-Wettbewerb der durch Das Bemalforum durchgeführt wird.

Genauere Einzelheiten hierzu erfahrt ihr direkt im Bemalforum

Das Nachfolgende ist für unsere nicht-deutschen Freunde und entspricht einer vagen Übersetzung der Regeln und Teilnahmebedingungen.

Let`s go and continue with the details about this contest.

You have to send your entries until the 30th november 2011 to the following mailadress:

The aim of this contest is to paint a miniature just for this one!

So be sure that you`ve not showen your finished entries on any platform (like cmon) until the timeline has reached.

THIS "shield" of paper has to be showen in the pictures.

To take part on this contest you have to register at "Das Bemalforum". It´s totally free and worth the few minutes it takes.

Please ensure that the picture(s) you are sending via mail are being in the limit of 1MB, it should be a collage with at least 2 pictures of your entry.

There are 4 different categories:

• Single mini below 32mm (SciFi, fantasy & historic)
• Single mini above 32mm (SciFi, fantasy & historic)
• Open (units, vehicles, dioramas and everything else)

The 4th category is something special:

• Wild wild (really wild!) west


Yes, beside some honour you could even win nice prices like some miniatures, a medal and some coupons for a german online-shop!

Here`s a picture of the medal which was sculpted for this (and the previous) paintit:

So, just one thing left to say:


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