Painting Freehands

Translated by Sleipnir
As I had a lot of respect when it comes to paint freehands on a miniature I want to share with you my way of doing this in a little step-by-step tutorial. Mainly those are really simple to paint, it just takes ages to finish them.

What do you need?
1. Fundamental knowledge
I take it for granted that you know how to work with colors and that you are able to paint smooth blendings.
2. Templates
Copy and paste is the key to success! It`s much easier to copy a template you ve got from somewhere then just painting a picture out of your head. You are able to find a million pictures by simply using google ;)

Step by step
3. Basecoat
First of all I am starting to paint the area where the freehand should take place. Paint this as there wouldn`t be a freehand, so add shadows and highlights as always.

After this you could add a cross to the surface (it`s not necessary to cover the absecoat with it, it`s okay to just see it when you`re using your glasses ;). This ensures to copy the freehand where you want to get it in the right angle.

4. Sketching
Now it`s time to copy and paste. Start by simply adding the shape of your freehand. I suggest to use a contrasting color to your basecoat. Then you could fill this out with the color it is supposed to be. If you have some symmetrical symbols in it it`s easier to paint those on side afetr the other. You`ll have a betetr feeling then.
Adding more details to your freehand
5. Element
After you`ve painted the shape of your freehand it`s time to add some color to it. Genrally you paint with the colors without adding too much water. Keep in mind to drop redundant color on a towel or your hands back to not flood the area!
After you`re done so far you could repaint the shape of your sketch again to make them more clear and defining.
6. Background
It`s time to add more details to your freehand. I prefer to start with the hardest work (in this case the pheonix) and then painting the background to let fit the colors together perfectly.
To add more depth to the freehand I`ve added some flames below the pheonix.

7. Close

8. Matt Varnish

Conclusion and Alternatives
I hope this was helpful. Just give it a try, it`s not as hard as it seems.




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