King Dead

So, had a bit of a painting vaccum after the GD, great event i must say and lots of cool people there, although the german language put a few sticks in my weel so to speak :) i finally put myself togheter and painted one of my favourite models ever, the King Dead from Metal Models sculpted by the one and only Allan Carrasco.

Tried to create a really cold and 'horror' feeling over it, all the shading is made by GW's Midnight Blue and Vallejo Smoke+black, and broke up the blueish scheme with red vegetation and spider.

The base is made by a plinth bought at plinthcountry and was built up with parts of Hirst Art objects. i used cotton to create spiderweb, pretty tricky and time consuming but i think i got a hang of it about half way in there...

More pictures can be found at the CMoN submission here

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  1. I'm really curious on that cotton spiderweb, Never heard of it before. The effect is nothing short of amazing.