Inquisitor Quovandius

Time for another 54mm project, as it really is the scale i prefer. found out by accident mostly the Quovandius miniature produced by GW for the Inquisitor game. not easy to judge the coolness in those crappy pictures though - hellooooo GW, dont you want anyone to buy the inquisitor miniatures?? the product images are horrible horrible HORRIBLE, or what do you say about the so called kroot mecenary? or is it cannonball head?? an imgage for the horror cabinet for sure, shruggs... update now, pleeease.
Back to Quovandius :) ;

Quovandius was brought up in a slave mill on Thagra IV, raised from birth in dank holding pens beneath the machine rooms. When Traitor Marines of the Alpha Legion attacked Thagra, the slave mill was half destroyed by their orbital bombardment and it was Quovandius who seized the opportunity to lead several hundred of his mutated comrades to freedom. Unfortunately, freedom was not quite what it used to be, as the Alpha Legion conquered more and more of the planet. Some mutants sided with the Chaos followers, while Quovandius and his closest friends and kin began making guerrilla raids on the traitor warriors. When Space Marines of he White Panthers chapter arrived to liberate the planet, Quovandius and his followers were rounded up for execution, the commander of the White Panthers believing them to be guilty of treason. The intervention of Inquisitor Eisenhorn gave them a stay of execution and in return Quovandius swore an oath of loyalty to protect him from harm.

Starting out with building the base for the base first before anything, feel like sewers is a perfect fit for this mini. bricks are bought at ebay, here: and glued together with wooden glue to a round shape.

added some more bits, the rest, like roots "inside" the pipe will be added later, after its painted.

to the mini... designers note:
The idea for the mutant Quovandius is based on the premise that he is a mutant who has been degenerated and debased by his genes, rather than mutated by the warping effect of chaos. One of the first elements I did to emphasise this was to sculpt hm as a hunchback. This would suggest that he was born malformed as opposed to being tainted by the touch of Chaos. To show that his deterioration isn't over yet, I decided to remove his lower jaw and sculpt some kind of tubular construction in its place, but he keeps his jaw as a trophy which he carries around with him - perhaps in the vain hope that one day it can be put back! Similarly, I sculpted his legs so that they appear mis-matched and deformed, the thinner leg needs bracing to keep it from breaking as he walks. The doll is a reminder of his human origin, a lucky talisman that symbolises his longing to cling to his humanity even though he is a mutant. As little more than a gutterscum himself, it was appropriate that Quovandius had a suitably verminous companion.
I want to give him a sort of horror threatment (as always, hmm :) ) started out with a Freddy shirt... some slime althought most of it has been removed, so easy to overdo the slime effects :) anyway, here is current status. almost.

The back is blended a little bit too strong just because ive changed the back banner to a lamp instead, so it will be soften with some blue osl later...

Stay tuned...


  1. Man I love your style, so dark and twisted ;D

  2. It´s an original SkelettetS. Nice Painting an the Base looks good.

  3. Great write up, wonderful miniature! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes Roman

  4. Your monsters look pretty cool, but gross. Love this one esp.
    I recently started a 40k blog, showcasing the best painted miniatures and artwork. Would you mind if I share some of your work if I accredit and post links?