The Emperor's Champion & Cauldron of Blood

Here is one more finished miniature an it was my first Space Marine.

For the black metal i used ...
basic color:  chaos black + boltgun metal
shadows: chaos black, chaos black + diluted gloss varnish
highlights: mithril silver, plata met (model air), alu pigments + gloss varnish (for fixing)
accents: metal medium (model color) + plata met (model air), skull white + gloss varnish
glazes: scorsched brown, ice blue, hawk turquise
If you have too much gloss you can use matt medium from vallejo

I hope you like this way of metal painting. In real its look very dark and evil :).

Another project I started is the Cauldron of Blood but its in a very early step.

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  1. Uhhh man that Cauldron of Blood project is gonna be biiiiiig ;D