Egil Ironwolve enters the stage

In the next weeks i´m going to start painting my Wolve Lord for my small modest Space Wolve Army in the 40k universe. Ok, it is a tabletop mini, but i will invest 100 or more percent of work to finish the guy, and he gets a socket also.
There is a focus on the Greenstuff works, because Egil and his company are not the "typical" Space Wolves. Usually they like the rought nature of their frosty homeworld Fenris, and refuse all technical manipulation to their bodies. But the company of the Ironwolves prefer bionic bodyparts more then their own. Egil Ironwolve consists of more of steel and iron than flesh and blood. The greens are not built by myself. They have been made by a guy named Michael alias -ChinaTown- in the GW-Fanworld forum. Thanks for this nice work Michael :)


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  1. Nice conversion...

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