Dimensional Breach!

Hey there painteholics,

The stars were standing right and the winds are whispering, spreading rumors throughout the net. Yes its true, I am joining the 5th Dimension ;D. After all this does not mean the end for CradleofColours . the Blog will continue just as normal. As for now I will spend some time getting my area running over here.

So keep on reading and watch out for some interdimensional work. And what better way to end this post with some music. But not any music but the one song which is still playing all day long, everywhere I go.

So see you all in the future,

Simon aka Katan


  1. Hey Simon! Nice to meet you, and a happy welcome in the 5th dimension ;)

  2. yeah welcome! the more the marrier, as said :)

  3. I am into the facebook group,too now. So every info reaches me just in time ;D