Chosen Destiny - A small WIP

Currently I am painting a miniature by Figone (again). It`s the young Arthur. Presumable dedicated to the King Arthur tale. I bought this miniature a while back. Didn`t wanted to just order a King Maulg without anything else just to pay as much for shipping as for a miniature.

When our son was born I told my wife to paint something for him someday. Maybe he`s way too young to know what I am doing right now, but in a few years he`ll be old enough to understand everything around our hobby. Hopefully he`ll be a dedicated Miniaturepainter too. But he may deceide that on his own.

I think Arthur is a miniature that suits well to my purposes. It`s a little boy holding a sword in his hand. Just think back to the time when you was around 6-10 years old. Nothing was cooler then the imagination of being a superhero with a two-handed sword and an epic armor fighting your enemies, right?

There can be several different stories told about it. Maybe he`s just trying out how to handle the sword, like playing around with fathers weapon you know? Maybe he had to take the sword to defend himself against something. And maybe there`s a totally different story to the ones mentioned above.

As I am not a fan of painting miniatures in a historically correct colorscheme I thought it`s the best way to not name the finished piece "King Arthur" or "Young Arthur". So I have enough freedom to spread out my imaginations on this miniature while painting.

That`s the reason why it will get the name "Chosen Destiny". In everybodys life there will be a point where you have to deceide to take the left or the right way down the road. This decission has to be done more then once. Every decission you made will change your entire way of life. I thought this would suit perfectly to our beloved Son Anton Elias. Here`s a little poem I have found some weeks ago:

When the life blossoms
Destiny engraved in our lives
When virtue and vice sway to and fro
Energized and driven by supernatural forces

When we are grown up
Our lives started to face challenges
When we encounter distress
Our lives impregnated with tears and worries
That is the destiny of our lives.......

Sometimes our lives tinged and
Embroilled with joys and sorrows
Destiny inflicting poison and evil into our lives
Destiny can make or mar our lives
Destiny inspires our lives to prosperity
It can perish our prospects
Fortune and fate tossing each other
End of lives salunated with blessings

by Dulakshi Wakista

Let me start to show you my current progress on this miniature. Before I am painting a mini I am working on the base. This time I`ve used several parts out of Hirst Arts moulds. I`ve got those moulds from SkelettetS when he was visiting me back in August. I was able to cast those several times before sending them back to sweden (together with his GD-awarded miniatures - a package with a high value I think).

It was similar to LEGO-Toys. Grabbing this and that piece and testing how they fit together. In the end I found a nice compilation which made me happy. So I mixed some milliput together and placed this as a foundation on my simple selfmade wooden socket. This ensures to get a plane area after pressing pieces of Hirst Arts inside of it. It`s a good way to work with bases. You could stick in mostly everything and rearrange it several times before the milliput dries.

 (click on the pictures to get a larger view)

After the base was finished I`ve primed everything with pure white. I prefer the white primer (from GW) because it gives primed things a rough surface. Compared to the black primer where you will get a very smooth surface your colors will stick much better.

 And here we go on with first colours applied on Arthur:

 (click on images to get a larger view)

Stay tuned and follow us in the 5th Dimension...!

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  1. That's looking pretty good so far - great model, i guess a pure joy to paint, isn't it?