Cabinet of horror - Chapter III

Whenever I am sad...
or a mini is not as it should be...
or I just want to laugh again...

Remember this? Yes, it`s out of the first Cabinet of horror post I`ve showen on the old blog (The Popes Egghat).

As this is the first time I am posting such a thing in our new dimension I want to give you some words for your further way. After this little teachinglesson you`ll see some great pictures of talented painters!

It`s not my intention to cause heartaches (in case of seeing your miniatures below - please drop me some lines then!) or to make those pieces of art ridiculous.

Every single one reading this, yes I mean you, and YOU, and you too!, has started with this hobby. Some of you earlier and some maybe just a few weeks ago. Could you remember how your first miniature was looking like? I doubt that the quality of your paintjob was far better then that, what you`ll see. So, please keep in mind that those pictrues are funny but a truth that lies deep inside of us! You`re allowed to laugh when seeing them, you`re allowed to share those pictures, you`re also allowed to do some jokes about it BUT you`re not allowed to intentionally hurt the painter of those (and every other (bad?) painted miniatures). It`s a long way to the top. This counts for sportive activities, your carreer and also for painting miniatures!

Here`s the best example. While searching for miniatures I would like to show you today I`ve found the first painted miniature of one of the most famoust painters in germany:

Do you know who painted this? You could start a discussion about it in the comments. Maybe the painter itself will resolve this quest.

Let`s go on with another innovative paintjob and an even more beautiful chaos brute... or whatever:

For those of you thinking about visiting the next Games Day... be sure to not be the one with the worst painted miniature showen there:

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