Bada BANG!

Woo Woo WOO Painteholics,

After days of no motivation I finally got my MoJo Back xD Wow where to start....SO many things in my head so I just start with some projects I finally photographed.

First of all my Tyranid Hierophant Bio Titan. As you might know I am a huge Tyranid Fanboy and  run a way to big over 15.000 Point army of my beloved critters. ( And thats my second Hive Fleet....)
Almost a year ago I painted this big bug and it was a damn big task, pun intented.

First of all I had to solve the leg issue. Since the hierophant has a pretty massive body its legs are way to tiny to hold the whole beast in shape. To solve this problem I used a metal rod to pin the body to the Base.
So the main weight lies on the Metal rod and the Legs are just attached to the main body.

Second task - the Base. I wanted to have a Base for the Beast just because it makes the whole thing way more stable. And what a fun it was to structure such a big Base. I wanted to do some heavy basing since I just saw way to many lovely painted Hierophant with nearly no Base Love.

So I grabbed some seashells, a huge load of water effect, wood etc. And ere we GO! After all I used ziterdes "Death Earth Paste" to structure the whole Base. After all it turned out quit good:

Here you can vote for the big boy: CMON
And if you should be interested in more of my tyranid stuff feel free to check out my Warpshadow Gallery: Tyranids!

To chill out before the next project check out this very nice music. It is from the Naruto Shippuuden Soundtrack which I hear round the clock nowadays because Its just a piece of art:

Next one in line would be the Space Marine Librarian from the Space Hulk Set. I sold the whole painted Set on ebay in the last days and I shot some last Pics of the Mini for Cmon. Here you Go:

Here you can Vote again: CMON

Finally I have a bunch of new projects going and wanted to show you some WIP pictures. So without any explanations I will just confront you with the pics ;D Hope you enjoy ;P

There are some things I plan for the near future. A Tutorial is in the making, a big article about a local art festival called "lichtergartenfest" and so much more. But for now writing time has come to an end. Feel free to comment and leave your opinion.

And remember to smile at least once a day :P

See you all in the future,

Simon aka Katan

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