Creating battle damage using Masking Fluid

Here’s my tutorial about how to make battle damage out of masking fluid.

What you need?
*A bad ass battle hardened miniature. Or at least a miniature with details that are battle hardened. Or at least a miniature that got some beaten stuff at the base. Ah, you get the point!
*At least two paint pots with different colours obviously(although id prefer some more for shading/highlights…) to use with brush or airbrush.
*A cheap crappy brush you’ll never use again
*Masking fluid

Step by step
Here is my damaged piece; an ork waaagh-banner that need some beating. Image shown below shows it with a basecoat of boltgun metal 100%.
Added some Bestial brown, dark flesh, scaly green and black using a kind of rough feathering/glacing technique, every brushstroke hasn’t have to be perfect as most of it will be overpainted anyway. You don’t really have to make any shading at all at this stage at all, as both the main colour and the damaged areas can with advantage be shaded together instead. more important is that you get the highlight the way you want it before using the fluids, this is because the different types of area most certainly need different colours for highlight.

Masking fluid, i use W&N brand, cost about £3-4 and shoud be included in every orklovers home. mask the areas that are battledamaged. Just randomly dot it on chaotically and it will be fine.

use one old worn out or really cheapa$$ brush, the fluid ruins it in no time!
After the fluid have dried, which shouldn’t take long – like a minute or so, repaint the banner. try to get a really thin layers of paint (or even better – use an airbrush..). Otherwise the masking will be very hard to remove.
The masking is removed with a rubber or a "hard" brush and tweezers. try not to get too violent when removing it… it can be a little frustrating at times but I should be removed pretty easy if the above layer is thin. It can be nice though if you try to remember just about where you put the most liquid so you know “where to dig…”Full glory pic. i paint a really thin white line beneath the damaged areas to get a more "3d" effect of the damage. Also, some additional weathering will make it even better.Result
Here's an image of the finished model with the banner(for those that was on german GD 2011 might recognize the model, he's the ork with the banner in my GD gold winning squad) not the best photos but yeah...


  1. Great tutorial. Someday i will try it on a sf miniature

  2. Great tutorial, you give me inspiration to work, thx