Wet Blending 1.1 or Be brave!

Today I want to keep it short.

After a meeting with a friend to paint some hours together I know some things I have to improve.

First of all: I am painting with too thinned color. So my layers are tending to get chalky. The brighter the color the more chalky it was. So, 2nd thing I ve learned: Be brave and paint with thicker colors man!

After trying to add several layers of dark flesh to maulkgs hands I ve given the wetblending a try. Since I am not very familar with this technique I have to learn it. The result is satisfying, at least in my eyes ;)

I am trying to let maulg interact more with the base. He`s more implemented now. Still have to work a lot on him. But he`s slowly getting more and more color.

Do I ve told you that I love this mini?! Yes, I do!

Here`s the current status. Please excuse the bad pictures. Next time there will be better ones!




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