Santa is coming OR another king has fallen

Hey folks! Yes, 2 updates in a row. I am in writing-mood at the moment.

Some things happened during my last and this post. On last Saturday i was invited to take part on a painting-day by some new friends i knew from Das Bemalforum. Beside seeing beautiful painted miniatures i ve got a lot of feedback on my previous work and my current WIP.

They ve showed me how to wetblend. A technique i ve never used before. Sure, i ve read some tutorials about it before, but whenever i ve tested this the result was horrible. After they told me what i have to do exactly this technique doesn t seems to be so bad.

After some tests on the beast you ve seen in my previous posts i ve started to work on a New one with the New learned technique. Here s the result:

As you can see i ve tried to blend from a strong pink over grey / rosa and purple into darkgrey for the deepest areas. Not easy... If i d more experienced in werblending it could have been a successful try. But... As you See my blending is far away from beeing soft.

Next step? Painting Beast number 3.

I ve schossen a more classic colortheme for him. In my opinion it s much easier to wetblend dark colors into each other. Look at this:

He s far away from beeing finshed, but i get a feeling for how to mix colors on a mini. And i think thats all that counts, right? Learning New techniques in this hobby is very excited!

Before going crazy i started with my beloved King Maulg. I was talking of Santa in the topic. When you See the pictures below you know why.

It s hard for me to catch the color as it is. Please be kind and regard that the colors you ll See are not doing justice at all. Maybe a sentence minipainter saying quite often, but you can believe me: it s the first time i am saying that!!

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