Cabinet of horror - Chapter II

Let`s continue the freaky horror show.

Today I want to introduce you a piece with the title "my best work!!!!!!!!!". I am not sure if this is serious, but this man has discovered a unique way of painting minis. Just click on the picture to reveal the secret of his technique:

Best work cubed

As you all know converting miniatures makes them to single-pieces all over the world. Some people are more skilled then others, but most of the time you could at least imagine what the person was aiming for. The following picture shows you something I would identify as a chaos spawn, but I am totally unsure if even this is the right name for it. Maybe some of you are able to tell me, what this is:

Unidentified cubed


  1. Let me see....the first one, i think, is a really old plastic bretonian archer, with a tau rifle and something else (i dunno what) stuck on.

    The second 'piece'.....i see a lizard, a bret. knight, an eldar (dark?) weapon and several horses melted together lol thats quite a piece :)

    How was my guessing?

  2. I guess you`re right with your thoughts about 2nd Mini.

    I ve seen a Skink, some Bretonian Knight, any kind of Eldar weapon and at least 2 horses.

    "Melted together" is the perfect word here :)

    btw: Nice to meet you here =)