Cabinet of horror - Chapter I

Whenever I am sad...
or a mini is not as it should...
or I just want to laugh again...

...I am looking at pictures like these:

Pink Marine cubed

(Simply click on the picture to reveal the original)

The cabinet of horror will be a frequently updated horrorshow to safe your day! Make sure to never miss an update and follow us.

Please remember: There`s always someone painting even more worse then you do.

As this is the first chapter in the cabinet of horror we have an additional epic fail for you, it`s a well known character from Lord of the Rings...

Gandalf cubed

Can you feel the magic?


  1. i gotta say, that ***** in the 2nd picture is pretty... wow...

    i'm speechless.

  2. Poor Shadowfax, he looks ill :p

  3. wtf they have done with gandalf?!!!