So sad the days of Rackham is over cause they had some of the best miniatures on the market, which i found out too late. Fortunately, you can do some pretty awesome deals when shops sell out their stash of confrontation miniatures. I was lucky when I found out the Swedish site “” was selling out their stuff for 2 euro/blister! I probably found out too late cause most of the coolest miniatures were long gone (dirz, mid nor etc) but at least I could grab on to a lot a goblin miniatures. Some of them are pretty “meh” but other like the psychomutants and this xherus dude made it all worth it by far!

I also picked up my next project after the last rat is finished, a copy of the new plastic mordor troll. This is going to be victimized of my first oil colour tryout, and hopefully be decent enough to also bring to the gamesday. Im a little bit disappointed by the lack of options I might add, but I still think it’s a cool miniature.

Hopefully there will be some time for painting soon, currently my work and lack of free-time is putting sticks in the wheel effectively.

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