New Design and some WIP-Shots

We proudly present you our new design. As this is a new blog there are several things we have to do before it`s close to perfect... or at least looking like we imagine. On the right site you`ll find some blogs we could recommend due to the great inspirational pictures, tutorials and stories you could read there.

Let me tell you a few words about me and my way back to miniature painting. We (my family) are living in germany, close to Hamburg. A beautiful city at all, full of life, high society, poor people and everything between those. I was painting minis and playing warhammer more then 10 years ago. Just for fun, you know? I was wondering how people could paint like seen in the White Dwarf, always tried to give my best. But hey, I was mainly playing with those minis until... yes, until I ve lost interest in it. So I ve stopped playing (and painting) minis, sold all my stuff and did other things. I think it is 2 or 3 years now that I am lurking at the cmon forum and gallery. Just some clicks each day. Slowly I ve started to lurk in the forums too, read many many tutorials and threads on how to do this and that. Hell, there is no way out of this hobby! Bought full equipment in April 2010 and started to pain minis again. Only painting. I am aiming for high showcase-quality, a long and stony road. But each mini I am painting will get me a little bit closer to it. If you re reading this and the following posts feel free to leave any comments about my work. Any advice is appreciated!

And here we go on with my current project. Just painted the mouth and applied a basecoat to the skin after taking the photos.

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