Misslucked shadings

Good morning world!

I am not heading to just share all my successful painting with you, so here`s soemthing that went wrong. *sigh* There are always things which doesn`t look like you ve imagined first. I guess everyone knows this kind of problem. First we`re trying to correct little mistakes, but what are u doing if it`s totally different to what you was aiming for? Right, you ll add a new basecoat and start over again! That`s what I ve done recently, and even the 2nd try misslucked somehow. But I ll try to correct it to not add a 3rd basecoat. I m afraid of losing details.

Mixed together a basecoat for my 1st ogryn chaos beast. As you can see on the following picture it s a very bright purple. I was wondering. Just mixed some VMC Scarlet red with VMC Ghost grey. I thought it gives me a lightly warm, bright grey. But... pruple? Anyway, used this mixture to see what ui can get out of it. Here`s the result:

Hmm... don`t looks good. It`s far away from what I imagine with an albino. So it`s the wrong color. Next basecoat please...! And in my rage of painting I ve added first shades before taking a photo for you:

I have the feeling that simply using VMC Ghost grey without any additional color could fit. Working out shadows with different colours, preferable blue, purple and red could give me the skintone I want. But... blue seems to not be the right decission. This evening I ll add harsh shadows with ghost grey + brown and grey to smooth those out. Highlights will follow too. When this is done color comes into the game. Adding some high diluted washes to get the look I want here and there.

Wish me luck! I ll kepp you up to date.

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