Little Princess

Here`s my latest piece I ve recently finished:

It`s the "Little Princess" from Runic Miniatures.

I ve got this Mini from some kind of Mini-Exchange in our german forum. This mini is destined to be painted for my girlfriend. A promise I ve made a long time ago!

So I had to think about things far away from blood, monsters and any other cruel things. The opposite of it is... yes, peace, what else? I ve used pastel-colours all over get a smooth optic. The theme for base is something, my girlfriend loves. Candies...! So I ve tried to made some sugarcanes out of greenstuff to glue them on the base. Frist I was thinking of using those to hang in the tree like fruits, but the samples I ve made for were way tooo big for it. Also it was looking more funny thens erious. So I ve cut the top of those to use the canes for a little fence with little pearls. You know those wristbands made of sugar? Tasty!

The tree was made out of wire covered with greenstuff and milliput. For the elafs I ve used a product named "Eichenlaub" from mininatur. It`s a flocked mat with realistic leafs that has to be cut into pieces to simply glue it on. Very easy - and as you can see: Very realistic too.

I hope you ll like it. Would lvoe to get some comments to work on my paintingskills. You re also invited to vote for it in the big gallery.

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