First post!

So, welcome to the pope's hat and my first post here, a slow beginning to world domination. i hope to make updated more regulary here than what im been able to at the different forums. yeah. for you that havent heard of me im a Swedish guy in my best years that like to waste most of my spare time painting little miniatures. perferably big muscular guys and undead stuff.

Im currently working on a pack of rat ogres that is going to be my entry for this years golden deamon in germany, i will post some shots here soon.

but, first another project. i simply had enough with the shitty gw paint pots, and colours that dry in two weeks time. so, i finally bought some vallejo drop pots... sigh.. still think the gw colours outgun the vallejo ones, so not much to do...


  1. just wait till one of the nozzles clog. ugh
    why cant anyone make a good paint pot. even the p3 rubbery lids stick horribly(although no drying there).
    at least with the dropper style its easier to mix...when they dont clog and split. 0.o

  2. yeah, ketchup effect, i know hehe... not sayin they are perfect, but vallejos pots are still a lot better than gw's crappy ones