2nd try

As mentioned in my last post I ve started to shading the beasts head. I ve deceided to part thje mini in several areas so I don`t have to paint everything at once just to recognize later, that I ve missed to paint a detail here and there.

I ve spend about 1 hour just with adding grey grey grey and even more grey to the recesses. Maybe a mistake, or just a waste of time... because the result looked like I ve used a simple wash all over! This is something I could see as "learning by doing"!

But where you ll find shadow you re also able to find some light! So I ve worked out the highlights in the color of the absecoat again. Suprise! Now it looks like a mini. Still not finished the highlighting process, there are also some colored washes missing. But those will follow when I ve finished first highlights to get backl the shape of his head.

Someone in a forum I am visiting told me to add some purple washes to his mouth / tongue. And another person mentioned that the teeth are a little bit too monotone. So I ve worked on both parts till I was satisfied with the result.

I hope that my little step`s don`t cause bored faces all over. I`m just nto paintingmood right now and want to share all my success and fails.

Keep on happy brushlicking people! Tanks for reading.

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