250 Hobby-Fanatics and 1(!) Mini - A project by Jérémie Bonamant Tebaoul

I want to share with you a project which you´ll propably never see again. A project that has gone `round the world. It was started back in September 2003 by Jérémie Bonamant Tebaoul and finished in 2008.

250 people from all over the world worked on single pieces of this project without knowing exactly, what the other`s are doing.

"What kind of project is he talking about...?"

We`re speaking of a Giant!

Pictures are talking much more then words can do, right? So... feel the magic!! Be impressed by work done in a collective. Always keep in mind, that more then 250 people worked on 1 mini!

Here`s the link to the gallery full of pictures (starting with some WIP-shots and finished by a bunch of overviews and details): CLICK ME!

Here`s the description by Jérémie on his website:

"The Cadavre Exquis, or Exquisite Cadaver, is a game collectively invented by a group of surrealists.  In this amusing game, several people made sentences, or perhaps illustrations, without knowing what the other creators were doing.  Over the years, everyone who wanted to participate in the festivities donated parts from their bits box and brought those parts to a meeting, or to gave them to a friend to bring, or even sent them by carrier pigeon.  In July 2008, around 250 people have put their fingers into putty and paint, but this project will continue to evolve and evolve again. 
What’s that?  This project is crazy you say?  You’re right!!!!"

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