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Hey there, it`s me!

My name is Arne. I am living together with my wife and our beloved son in a small city close to Hamburg (Germany). My profession is to sell cars. The high pressure at work makes it necessary to get a pool of relaxation – I found this in painting miniatures (just to not talk too much about my family to not see you falling asleep while reading this… ;)

My first contact with miniaturegames was a while ago. I was playing Warhammer Fantasy / 40k with some friends. To paint a miniature was secondary for me, although it was always nice to play with 2 completely painted armies. Due to getting older and the growing interest in women and other hobbies I ve stopped playing / painting miniatures.

15 years later, back in december 2009, our son was born and there wasn`t much room for activities outside our flat or hanging around with friends. So I was playing around with the thought of starting again to paint miniatures. I`ve never lost interest in those – maybe one of the reasons why I was always looking through the gallery at cmon, reading tutorials or lurking through forums. So, this was my way back to our hobby.

It wasn`t always easy to redeploy all the tutorials I ve read. But the more I am practicing the more I can see the progress in my paintingskill. Sometimes my head feels like exploding just by saving all those tutorials and theory. It feels very good to test something out here and there to find my own way to paint a miniature. Today I am a decent painter with an (hopefully) continuously growing skill.

If you have any questions concerning me, my works, the way I ve painted something or maybe a commision you`re invited to drop me some lines to arne[dot]wilkens[at]gmail[dot]com

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