Name: Micha aka Dellolyn
Year of birth: 1981
Painting since: 2010
Native country: Germany
Where I live: Trier, Germany
Languages: German and English
Galleries: putty and paint 
Plinth-Gallery: 5th dimension
Homepage: no
Painting service: no
Workshops: no
Contact: dellolyn at

About me:
My name is Michael. I´m born in 1981, just married my dream girl Daniela, live with her in a little village near Trier, and work as cabinetmaker. Since february 2014 I'm a very proud dad of a little son named Markus.

In the middle of the year 2010 I´m start painting miniatures. A few month later I met Pascal, the owner of a nice small gameshop called Spielbar. Since then I try to participate each of his great workshops. (…here a big thanks to him!) So my fascination of the miniatures began.


Because of my job I have the possibility to build my own sockets. I try to creat them extravagant and extraordinary. Always the time allows me, I sit down to build, paint and try something new. My perfect recipe to come down.

If you got ideas for socket whatever how crazy, feel free to tell me. I realy like to try something new ;-).

coming soon


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