Welcome to the 5th Dimension!

We are a small group of painteholics merged together to spread inspiration and love for our hobby.
You are invited to take a closer look on our content - find some inspiration, maybe some hints here and there and enjoy with us this great hobby!

Why we called us the "5"th Dimension? We search a long time for a name and at this moment we were five painters so wie are the 5th Dimension :). 

Big thanks to the MASSIVE VOODOO CREW for all the inspiration we get there.

Feel free to leave comments or subscribe in German or English. Make shure to check us out on Facebook 

Aktiv Members

CMON  Malekith
  malekith at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  SkeletteS
  skelettets at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  Darkmessiah
  darkmessiah at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  Katan
  katan at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  Dellolyn
  dellolyn at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  Barfrau
  barfrau at 5-th-dimension.com

CMON  The Artfist
  artfist at 5-th-dimension.com

Inaktiv Members
Inactive members are members who don't have time to write and paint at the moment. They will be taken back as an active member if they find time again.

  sk4te at 5-th-dimension.com

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