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My name is Julius, and I live right between Frankfurt and Kassel in the Middle of Germany:) I am married with the most wonderful woman on the planet, and I got a little son who is the coolest little guy I´ve ever seen :D

I´m painting Miniatures and in the beginning little REVELL-planes since I am able to control my hands and fingers. I think there are about 14 years of building and painting, what is very long, because I´m just 22 years old;) Since I´m 14 I am painting GW Miniatures. And since last year october I am a member of german here I was learning very much in a short time, and I could get self employed at April this year. So I am a "professional" miniaturepainter now :D

I´m always painting comission works of all kinds, and all wishes. But no more armies ;)

If you are interested, feel free to contact me :)

5h-dimension Gallery
Das Bemalforum - Werkbank

Golden Demon Germany 2011Bronze - Warhammer 40K Monster

Basing Workshop II in Köln 10.2.2012 - 12.2.2012

Basing Workshop I in Göppingen 11.11.2011-13.11.2011 - Review

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